Feminism — Degradation — Hypocrisy


Feminism‬ is a widely miss-used word. How many of you know the meaning? It means ‪advocate‬. But it is used by women who hate men, it is used by women who hate other women, or want to just control other women. And it is also used by women who are radical extremist, who are dangerous to all of society by their words and actions. When i ask them what does the word actually means, they cant tell me. Degradation of women by other women. Complete Hypocrisy.
This is completely the wrong message to be teaching our girls and young women. I have two daughters, and this is not what i will be teaching them.

A lady Annette commented on our other website with the article feminism. She has a 15 year old daughter. She thanked us for th article as it explained to her and her daughter what she couldn't explain to her own daughter, because she didn't even really know. If you want to read her comments and other comments they are here in this LINK

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It is also used to just miss-behave as a women and use feminism as an excuse, just like Kim Kardashian. Taking your clothes off and showing your tits, hello kitty and ass to the world constantly in the media, is not Feminism or expressing your sexuality, it is called being an exhibitionist, and pornography. We have the definitions of Pornography and all the laws and what Kim Kardashian does is classed as pornography. Our main website wrote two article on Kim Kardashian and why she is dangerous to society. You can read the articles HERE

I am proud just to be a women, and i don't need some person telling me just because i am a women i have to be a feminist. I don't need to be an exhibitionist to be a women. As this article here say "You don't have to take your clothes off and share your nudity with the world to be a strong women. That only degrades all women.  A Strong Woman has the power to transform Article

I do not have to be, OR want to be, labeled and branded, just to be a women. My birth certificate says female, my drivers license says female, not Feminist. 

The words Humanitarian and advocate, activists existed on this earth way before this word feminism appeared.

Now the word feminist or feminism is just misused. No more so than with this person in this article. Here is another classic misuse of the words Feminism READ HERE

Last week on google plus a lady shared a video with me from Youtube, it was Germaine Greer talking
about Pornography. I am an anti-pornographer and work with world wide organizations to stop pornography and child pornography  ,and to bring more awareness to the dangerous it is having on society and our children.
Miss Greer had completely lost, translation in what she was talking about.

I was about 6 minutes into the video and i was saying to myself what is this, what on earth is she saying.
What is this women going on about. She contradicted herself so many times, i was shaking my head.  Then when she did have something worth while to say she had stolen; and yes i mean stolen, word for word from Gail Dines who is a Sociologist PhD, and regarded as the worlds leading authority on pornography, and is an anti-porn advocate and activists, i have been to her seminar in Australia when she was here.
Our website Here also has some of her seminars. And this is where the words came from, Gail Dines own video seminars.
After quoting and stealing word for word from Gail Dines, she completely contradicted herself and was laughing, basically making fun at pornography, and the dangers it now present society and our children.
In retrospect i don't think she has a clue at the dangers it present to our children, and certainly not to the rest of society. She is still applauding sexual-exploitation. 
Germaine Greer is a Feminist, but i don't even think she knows the real meaning of the word either. She is one of those women who gathered the women troops, so to speak; of the men hating extremists decades ago.

WASHINGTON – Porn is just prostitution with a camera — that was the message at a Capitol Hill Washington briefing on the ties between sex trafficking, prostitution,sexual exploitation and pornography.
Experts at the symposium, titled "Pornography: a Public Health Crisis," revealed world wide  Article with published medical studies
Article and full video of the medical symposium

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The tweet in the poster from Rosie Batty's crew because we would not hate men, and agree with their dangerous words. "Men are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence" (The words Rosie Batty lives by, preaches) We have other tweets from the same person and others from Rosie Batty's people, also abusive.

If you can't see the words in that twitter message in the poster, (just click on the poster to blow it up to full size) they were sent to our website twitter account from one of those Feminist men hating extremists.
Quite obvious she has lost the plot, and also does not have a clue what the word means.
We have more than one tweet to follow that one from the same person and others just like her, all from Miss Rosie Batty's camp. The women who shouts this on her soap box and gets paid to do so. "Men are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence." "Men using drugs and alcohol are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence" these are words these dangerous women preach, shout and scream, and want taught to the world, to your daughter, to your sons, to our children.
HELL NO, with a double NO NO.
Because those words they preach are not only wrong, garbage, degrading to all men and boys world wide, they are extremely dangerous words to shout to the world.
Women abusing another women because we will not conform to their man hating ways.
These are the woman who have miss used this entire word feminism, which now days has very little meaning, i really don't think it did.

Then we have heard men say; direct quote here, they are feminist... yet they say.
"A women should not earn more, and be more successful than men". WOW really? Yes really. And that quote is from an well known Irish actor who is married with two children who says he is a Feminist. Jamie Dornan said this and a lot more. 

The daily mail started following my website here and our advocate website. We did an article on Feminism on Tuesday then last night Thursday The daily Mail upload their article on Feminism which completely missed the mark. Their article was written by children, we are sure. Went on about baking cookies, lost us in the first paragraph. 
They have been copying my article subject i also have on my site here, weeks or months later they will do an article on the very subject i have just done one on. Again their articles getting lost in translation completely because children are writing them, with no medical knowledge, degrees or experience. 
Yes the Daily Mail's staff consist mainly of 17-24 yrs old's.

I am a woman and i am an advocate and i am also a Humanitarian. Isn't that enough labels to show i care. I think our words in the poster pretty well say it all. How about you?

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  1. Angela Smart Google plus 10:04 AM

    I cannot agree more. The movement at its inception was about gaining equality, but now it seems to be hijacked by female supremacists.

    I cringe when I read nonsense written by these women:- eg. A prominent journalist said, who puts a "feminist" bent on every crazy new psycho rapist incident as soon as it surfaces when most seem to be severe mental health issues.

    Rape is not a crime that only victimizes women. Its victims are universal - all genders and age groups.

    Many of these women (feminists) have a score to settle with the world. Some are lesbian, but in saying that I don't believe all that these people truly represent the beliefs of many lesbians.

    They have stolen prominence and allow us to think that the speak for all women when they do no even express the true feelings of most other lesbians. I often hear these women dismiss heterosexual people as "breeders" as though it is a crime.

    Equal opportunists have always tended to be levelheaded and caring of all people in our diverse community. This is another term for human rights activists.

    I use both of these terms because feminism is an unjust term and has become repugnant to many because of the way the movement has been mislead.

    I am a baby boomer. I lived through a time of unparalleled optimism, when the civil rights movement was a massive impassioned freethinking group of beautiful people who inspired the imagination of us all and most of us were all acolytes to its call in many respects.

    Many were discouraged by the people we have described here today, and repudiate the movement now.

    This is the danger of fanaticism, which is the scurge of every social religious and political movement. 

    Angela Smart


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