Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey by Edward Grey


 Hi my Name is Edward Grey and this is my untold story....Shades of Grey....through a sons eyes..
I never thought the day would come when i sit down and put all of my life so far in a book.
 This is Edwards journey as a young man, finding himself, finding love, and struggling to come to terms with the secrets, lies, betrayal of his father. How this is going to effect his life and his relationship with the women he loves Kaitlin.
Edward is handsome, sophisticated, loving, gentle, he is certainly is not his father.

Kaitlin and Edwards own story will unfold through out his journey. This book has many elements to it. Finding love, learning about their own sexuality. 

Fragile heart, like a petal of a flower
your strength leaves me weak.
A tempest to my desires
midsummer’s night dream
 who fills my heart with  so much love and light. 
You are rare like a diamond lighting up my heart.
The love we share so pure,
my heart and soul protected by yours’
i feel the sound of every breath you take
i fall asleep in your arms, for ever loved.
From the book Shades of Grey, words by Edward to Kaitlin (C)

 There are part pages of chapter one on the website. HERE Shades of Grey by Edward Grey
You can also read more what the book is about from the website.
The book is coming out this year, and has already had international support.
The book is rated for 15 + reading as there is sexual content and language.
100% of the book profits will be also going to charity.

The story incredibly heart felt, you will immediately fall in love with Edward and connect with him and his story.

It was written in a way to tell a story, that could be so many peoples own story when it comes to dealing with all of these things. The co-author has also used some of her and others own personal events, and incorporated them into the book.

You will, cry, you will laugh, your emotions will come alive by this incredible story told through the eyes of Edward Grey.

♦Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge English Dictionary shades of grey› the fact of it not being clear in a situation what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey. ♦

Hi let me introduce myself i am the co-author of the book, my name is Alexandria. This book as the website explains is a collaboration and has taken years to write.
The book does have sex in it, as the book is addressing human sexuality, love, passion, learning about sex, Kaitlin and Edward learning about it with each, their own sexuality, their own desires.
The book has been written with intelligence when writing about sex and pleasure by professionals.
The book is about love, sex, loss, lies, secrets, betrayal and so much more.
The book has so many elements to it, with a few twists and turns.
The book is also a learning tool for young and older adults about sex, your desires, your own human sexuality and has been written in a way to address learning about sex, your body, relationships.
So many teens and even young and older adults are still confused about sex, human sexuality, relationships; so we decided to write a book addressing all of these issues and wrote it in a way that teens would want to read a book and learn about all of these things, your own sexuality, what it takes to be in a relationship, how you deal with abuse, loss and so much more. 
As the book begins to unravel, you will immediately connect with Edward & Kaitlin. 

This book is no way associated or has any thing to do with Fifty Shades of Grey. The writing of this book began in 2007 on-wards and has been a work in progress. The book was finished a little over twelve months ago. The words Shades of Grey comes from the Oxford English dictionary and has a pacific meaning, which this book is also based around.

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  1. Forgot to mention when i commented on another post, checked out the book Shades of Grey with my daughter. Well now your book not only has my daughter's stamp of approval, and hooked, but me as well.
    More please. And yes we both want the movie as well.
    My daughter told me off when i said how yummy Edward sounded. She said MUM.
    He is the type of young man who you would hope for, want in your daughters life. He doesn't have to be rich, just have the same moral principles and respect for women.
    Can not wait for the book.
    Thank you once more Annette


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