A Strong Woman has the power to transform


A Woman has the power to create life— nurture and transform. Be the best self you can be, using your mind—your brain, work ethics, your own talent, respect yourself.
You don't have to take off your clothes, pose naked in front of your bathroom mirror, take pictures of your vagina and tits, your orgasms, and share them with the world. 

Taking nude selfies and making porn tapes to get noticed, to get attention, for fame and money, is not respecting yourself, that fame is short lived. (you are fulling yourself if you think it is)
Being comfortable with your sexuality, has nothing to do with taking nude pictures of your tits and vagina, making porn, sharing your orgasm for the world to see; that is your need for constant attention, adulation.  And yes i am referring to Kim Karadashian here and any women who does this, we don't need to see you "Hello Kitties".
 My husband is the only man who see's me naked and my "Hello Kitty"

I am comfortable with my own body as well, my own sexuality, like the millions of other women in the world are, but it does not mean we go off and share our bodies with the world, sell our selves, because that is what that is, you are selling your naked body for money, attention and fame.
And in doing so you are promoting for young girls that this is a normal practice, and if you want to be famous and have attention then you need to take nude pictures, make porn tapes, putting yourself in danger from stalking, sexual abuse, rape, abuse, bullying. You have put yourself in this situation by your own actions.
Kim Karadashian and now followed by her youngest half sister Kylie Jenner; the worst role models for your girls and women to look up to.
Kim Karadashaian has to constantly brag about how much money she makes; when she has to do this for attention, it shows how many psychological issues she has.
Something people need to be reminded off; the Kradashian's pay a lot of publicists to keep them in the media, they pay for magazines, online publications to constantly keep them in the media; otherwise no one would know who this family are, are give a dam about them.
Twitter has an audit app, you can see who pays for followers. Kim Kardashain, her sisters and even Taylor Swift pay for followers, tens of million of followers. According to the app, 63% of Kim Karadashain's followers on twitter are brought followers, and this would also go for other social media pages of hers as well.
This is how desperate these type of women are for constant attention, constant adulation, fame; to have to buy social media followers.
Girls think they have go out and have botox, lip fillers, dress like a ho to be noticed; when you absolutely don't.

There are millions of beautiful woman in the world — i am talking inner and outer beauty, we are all Goddess's, with strength within us to transform. Sometimes its hard to see this when life has knocked us down, quite often all we need is a hand to reach out and help us up, guide us on our way.

We all need guidance and help, we all do not come from rich families; born with a silver spoon in our mouths, handed everything on a platter.

We don't all have parents who are role models to follow by, i certainly didn't have a good role model in my mother, i grew up in a middle class family, my mother was physically, psychological abusive, my father too scared to stand up to her; he was passive and my mother was abusive to him as well.
I escaped that abuse, paid for my own schooling— university, i had to work jobs to pay for it, i worked in the fashion industry, i saw first hand the over sexualization of girls and women; you were expected to conform to a certain look and body shape. Nothing was ever handed to me. I grew up basically not having a mother, my father died when i was in my thirties, but he checked out as parent when i was a child because of how abusive my mother was.
I vowed i was never going to be like my mother; i am passive in nature. I had to find my own way as a women in life, with plenty of knock downs along the way.
I have taught my own two young daughters love, to be strong.

My first marriage when i was 25 years old, i was very naive then to the world. I married with out knowing; a complete narcissists and psychopath.  I ended up being abused for years, i stayed too scared to leave, i had lost myself in the process, my own strength, my own identity, this is what a narcissists and psychopaths will do, they drain you of your life and even your own family. 
I am an advocate to end abuse, to make people, women, girls, society aware of it, i speak internationally and also write articles about this. I also lost a baby to abuse. (I will be writing an article about this shortly also telling you more about what i went through for over a decade with abuse)

Remember we are all Goddess's we were born this way, we all have an inner and outer beauty, sometimes we just need to be reminded of that, and to find it, if you have lost it along the way.

In my life i have been to hell and back again, i found that inner strength to get back up, to take back my life and to be a strong woman, a role model for my own two daughters.

I wanted to leave my readers with a very strong message from Pink.

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  1. Found the page cool thank you when I come back I am going to read it and a few other stories too thank you hugsssss:)) Lilla xx

    1. Thank you Lilla, great to connect with you away from social media. You have your own story of strength as a woman as well.

  2. Your words are deep and heart felt but ring so very real and familiar. thanks for connecting.

    1. Thank you so much Edna, you words are valued. Stay strong we are all Warriors for surviving. You will never be alone.
      Love and respect Alexandria

  3. My daughter is 15 and at that age where she is learning about sex, her own body, and these articles will be invaluable to her.
    Thank you Alexandria. Actually I am learning a lot as well, I am 42 and I did not know about 80% of what is in those articles. So I have a lot to learn.
    We have been over to the other website and commented on the article about Feminism, we agree with all the words and we both learned something.
    I didn’t really know what it meant either. And my daughter asked me a few months ago and I couldn’t really answer her properly. But your article has. Thank you.

    You are Very inspiring lady, you should be incredibly proud at what you have had endured in your life and overcome. Your articles brought tears to my eyes, when I read what was done to you, as it did also to my daughter. Thanks to your articles my daughter can learn the dangerous not only in society but also on the internet, So can I.
    I had no clue either and certainly need education about this as well.
    This site and the other site offer this to the both of us.
    We also have a son who is 12 and there are so many things we can also teach him from your articles and advice. As you know as a parent it doesn’t come with a hand book, and when they are teenagers a very trying age for any parent.
    Thank you Alexandria, for your words, your wisdom, your bravery and inspiration.

    Love Annette

  4. Forgot to mention, checked out the book Shades of Grey with my daughter. Well now your book not only has my daughter's stamp of approval, and hooked, but me as well.
    More please. And yes we both want the movie as well.
    My daughter told me off when i said how yummy Edward sounded. She said MUM.
    He is the type of young man who you would hope for, want in your daughters life. He doesn't have to be rich, just have the same moral principles and respect for women.
    Can not wait for the book.
    Thank you once more Annette


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