Women want to be adored and loved


Women and men are all beings with the desire to be loved and adored. Its part of our human nature. 
This could be a heterosexual couple a man and women, or two women, or two men. 
We all have the same desire to have a partner in life, someone to share our every day with.
Finding love; that one person, the one..... is not as easy as it sounds in words.
Sometimes love finds its way when you are least expecting it to.
Then there are those who try too hard to find that perfect someone, their expectations too high and they go through one relationship after another and still don't find that one person. 

I know when i found love, my partner, i wasn't looking. I had been through heart ache before, i gave all of myself to that person for many years, for that person to keep taking and taking, controlling every aspect of my life. 
I was in an abusive marriage and it took me a very long time to escape it. The last think i was thinking about was jumping head on into another relationship.

I had lost my identity along the way, i needed to find myself, empower myself once more. 
Then several years later when i wasn't looking, that someone came into my life. 
A strong, but gentle man who had also been through a failed marriage.
And our relationship grew through friendship, trust then love.

Something we all need to remind ourselves when we are searching for love, or when we are in a relationship, don't loose yourself, don't loose your identity
It can happen very easily, you want to please that person so much, you give up yourself in doing so.
So many people think they have to change themselves for another person, in doing so you are losing yourself. It will be a gradual progression of loss, over months or years. 
Many people develop anxiety or depression and start to resent the other person when they suddenly wake up and realize this is what has happened.

Communication.... is the key to any relationship, don't forget to communicate with each other.  
Trust....if you don't have trust then you don't have a real relationship. 
Respect..... all three are key elements to an incredible relationship.

Relationships take work, its like a car you have to maintain it to keep it going. Well a relationship is no different. 

When you have all the key elements  to a loving relationship, you will see the passion, the love for each other.

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