OMG YES - lifting the viel on womens pleasure


Lifting the Veil on Women’s Sexual Pleasure. Yes ladies we are going to be talking about orgasms.
In the last article we touched the surface so to speak on orgasms. Now we are going to get visual and discuss them in more detail.
Set the mood with your partner, place scented candles around the room, turn off the lights and enjoy the pleasure by candle light. Remember not  too dark you do want to be able to see each other. 

Pleasure for all women varies, we are all hardwired differently to what stimulation turns us on and takes us all the way to the finish line, and ready for laps two, three and four.
Women do want pleasure, we need it just as much as men do.
We want sex and pleasure that lasts more than 2 minutes.
For many men, they get pleasure from watching their partners, loosing themselves in the foreplay, listening and watching, as their partners body begins that climb; i know for myself this is exactly what my partner loves.

Have you ever said OMG YES YES YES or DON'T STOP if not...... its about time you did. I know myself i say this every day.

"You deserve an orgasm"; well more than one ladies.

Time to release that INNER GODDESS

Women need physical stimulation to orgasm, and not all women orgasm the same way. For some it is a soft slow touch and others much firmer, and faster. Ladies and men listen to you partners; ladies tell your partner how you want to be touched, take your hand and show them, or if you feel comfortable show them by you pleasuring yourself while they watch.

The best way is to physically take your partners hand to your clitoris and show them exactly the G spot you like to be touched on, and also how soft or firm the touch should be, or even how slow or fast. 
Ladies don't be embarrassed to show your partner.
Its the same for oral sex, tell your partner how you want his or mouth to touch your clitoris. 
The clitoris becomes quite sensitive as the body begins its climb to an orgasm, something guys need to know, and take their Que from their partners when to stop or to go gentler.
Women like as well a combination of oral and hand stimulation to bring them to an orgasm before penis penetration. 
A womans orgasm will continue for sometime, including having multiple orgams.
A women's orgasm can last up to four hours.

Guys, or girls, by listening to your partner, exploring their body together you will learn how to have incredible orgasms and you will want to have sex, trust me.

Sex is not a task, it is pleasure remember that; it's better than chocolate, it leaves you breathless, sensations exploding throughout your body, leaving you wanting more and more and more.

I was discussing with another Psychologist today about women's orgasm,  which led me to a new study on this very thing. The study was conducted using 2,000 women from the ages of 18-95 years of age.

This now brings us to the website that was set up for this very purpose to show women orgasms. This is not a porn site. It is a medical study site talking to real women and showing you about orgasms.
You do have to be over the age of 18 years of age to view the site. 
The site is honest, confronting as there is nudity.
It discusses the different ways these women use either by themselves or with a partner to achieve and orgasms, or even multiple orgasms.

OMGYES.COM if you click on the link it will take you to the website

This is just one of many articles we will be posting about pleasure and orgasms.

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  1. Great articles Alexandria.Love the website, stunning.
    I checked out that website really good. Like you said in the article very confronting and honest. Would be very helpful to a lot of women and couples. 
    I have given the link to this, your website to my friends. I have girlfriends with sexual issues. We are a little bit like the sex in the city girls, we go out once a week for lunch, a long lunch and sex and relationships always comes up.
    I am turning 42 this year, but i feel 30.
    I am lucky because i have a great sex life with my husband and we have been married for 15 years, he is literally my soul mate. It has just got better and better.
    You mentioned porn in the last article. My husband and i also do not watch porn, don't want it in our relationship; i have seen too many peoples marriages break up because of this very thing; porn. Husbands addicted to porn, then they loose all respect for their partner, cant perform in bed, or they expect their partner to act like a porn star; when most of porn is acting for the cameras, those women are being violated.
    You can have great sex without having to have porn in your sex life.
    Look forward to the next article.
    From one Goddess to another thank you.


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