Love the skin your in ---- you are a Goddess


Love the skin you are in ladies. We are all Goddess's, we are all born different. 
Part of being happy, is being happy with yourself, your own self image.
No one is perfect, models they have stretch marks, cellulite, it is just covered up with makeup and airbrushing.

Own who you are. The media promotes through advertising and articles that you have to fit into a perfect mold. That mold is unrealistic, over sexualization of women in general.
When i was going to University in my twenties i paid for school by working in the fashion industry.
I saw and even went through it myself, the pressures to be a certain size, to have the perfect size boobs, curves.
I am now the same age as Jennifer Lopez 45 years old. And not much has changed for women to have to conform to a certain look. If you are in the public eye like Jennifer Lopez is, and on top of that being over the age of forty the pressure is even greater.

We can all take pride in the way we look, from our hair to our toenails, to how we dress. When you take pride in yourself, it gives you self confidence. Others notice, and will comment on how good you look. My husband gives me compliments every day, and quite often that is all we need, for just one person to notice, to say something nice....a kind word.
My husband calls me his Goddess, words that any women would love to hear.
Remember guys, sincere compliments to a women go a long way.

Lets face it ladies we don't have the same body in our twenties as we do our thirties and forties. 
We cant all have personal chefs, private trainers, money for plastic surgery.
Personally i don't want to either.
I look in the mirror and i like who i am, and that is the most important thing; you accept who you are.

They say forty is the new thirty, and fifty is the new forty, i have to agree.  Personally i have more confidence in my forties than i did when i was in my twenties. I speak to a lot of women who feel the same way.
One of the compliments i get from people, my husband and my children is, i don't look my age, i look early thirty. Of course this sort of compliment would make any woman's day.

This is a lesson we need to teach our youth as parents, there is so much pressure on them to fit into this perfect package. We see an increase in bullying, an increase in medical issues, anorexia as a result of the bulling, having no self worth, anxiety, depression which can all lead to anorexia.
Education begins with you as a parent, you have to step up and set an example for your children, communicate with them.

You don't have to go out and run a twenty mile marathon to be fit and healthy. You don't have to give up those little treats. Everything in moderation. 
My favorite excises in Pilates and walking our dogs. I don't have two hours a day to exercise; i allow an hour.
Our children go walking with us, and our girls have now started doing Pilates and loving it.
Our family all eat healthy, lots of protein, vegetables, fruit....cut back on the processed sugar. 
One thing our family dont do is binge out on junk food.
We enjoy healthy home made hamburgers, healthy home made pizza.

Cooking is a great way to destress, spend time with the family, we all cook together and we communicate while doing so. It also is teaching our children a new life skill in the process.
I have two teen girls from my first marriage and a step son to my second. 
It is a great way to get your children communicating with you.
Something we have always taught our children, is communication and trust.
They can always come to us and talk about anything.

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  1. This is something I tell my wife every day, she is my beautiful sexy Goddess. She is the most amazing mother and wife. More guys need to recognize their wives, girlfriends, partners, give them compliments, tell them they are beautiful and sexy.
    I agree with your words.

    Have to compliment you and your designers on your beautiful website, visually stunning. Once again the articles informative.


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